How Script Writers Can Make Money Selling Their Work on Key Websites

How Script Writers Can Make Money Selling Their Work on Key Websites

Selling your scripts online offers lucrative ways for writers to finally monetize their craft and make money. Whether you write film scripts, theater scripts, web series episodes or YouTube videos, numerous websites connect writers directly with hungry producers or provide contests to showcase top talent. Read on for the best platforms granting writers access to serious buyers ready to pay for quality scripts that resonate.

Showcase Your Talent on The Black List

The Black List has become a key destination for aspiring screenwriters to gain exposure by hosting an annual service surveying film executives on the best unproduced scripts circulating in Hollywood. Scripts uploaded to their database that earn high marks often get purchased or picked up into production.

The website also allows anyone to instantly pay to receive detailed critical feedback from film industry professionals which writers can utilize to hone their work. Then they may host the rewritten scripts on the platform for consideration, with some ultimately getting sold. Uploading requires patience, but persistence here can reward writers when the right executive notices their brilliance.

InkTip – Where Producers Discover New Scripts and Writers

InkTip specifically serves as the conduit uniting writers pursuing TV or film script writing careers with actual production companies seeking fresh works for the large and small screen. Their exclusive script listing service makes you discoverable to over 100 production companies actively searching their database of tens of thousands of scripts for options matching their next projects.

How Script Writers Can Make Money Selling Their Work on Key Websites

The site charges writers a monthly subscription fee to host their scripts, loglines, writer profiles to then directly pitch their creations to vetted producers and facilitators via email. So rather than blindly emailing random production houses and getting ignored, at InkTip you have access to key decision-makers looking for works just like yours. The partnerships formed here have resulted in hundreds of script sales, proving that persistence pays off.

Script Revolution – Buyers Bidding on Your Work

At Script Revolution, you retain full ownership of your work while it gets circulated to their exclusive list of reputable producers, most responsible for major studio films and network television series. But what makes their model truly innovative is that it operates like an eBay style marketplace allowing studio execs and independent producers to bid on scripts they want to purchase or option from your SELECTED portfolio.

So writers can always see what scripts have demand indicated by views/downloads metrics while actually earning an income from the buyer competition Script Revolution drives. No other platform grants this level of agency in the selling process. Discover your true script value here.

ScreenCraft – Contests Leading to Studio Deals for make money

ScreenCraft runs a series of top screenwriting and TV script contests designed specifically for undiscovered talent to get their scripts seen by some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Their exclusive industry network includes mentors and judges that are guaranteed to give your script valuable exposure.

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Just by advancing to the semifinalist rounds, your work will get circulated directly to literary managers, producers and financiers assessing scripts for film/TV projects in development. And contest winners get fast tracked, scoring intros to reps and executives that can buy your work. Entry fees cost under $100 but pay dividends opening doors.

Script Pipeline Contests – Career Launching Wins

In business for over 15 years, Script Pipeline competitions earned early careers for writers of films starring Jack Black and Ben Affleck. Specially programming contests for TV pilots, feature films and shorts, winning even just their Great Movie Idea Contest puts your concept in front of producers craving fresh properties.

But their champion script winners get to discuss studio meetings with Script Pipeline’s production partners while securing all the A-List introductions. Judges are credible managers and producers seeking new voices so just becoming a finalist exponentially increases your odds of getting signed and paid.

The Script Library – Where Entertainment Professionals Find Scripts

The Script Library has an extensive database where you can confidently host your scripts knowing that 60% of weekly visitors to the site are working entertainment professionals including Oscar and Emmy winning producers availing themselves of the trove of over 37,000 scripts.

With a strong portfolio and smart utilization of their messaging system to reach out to parties downloading your work, you’re very likely to forge meaningful relationships here. The Script Library’s partners have combined over 20 years experience packaging and selling scripts, so they’ll ensure you get paid industry standard commissions.

Stage 32 – Where Writers Break Through Together

Boasting a membership of over 1 million creatives ranging from amateur dreamers to elite Hollywood players, Stage 32 provides an unrivaled networking forum facilitating partnerships that manifest careers. TV writing contests run annually strive to discover distinctive new voices worthy of representation.

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Their writer’s database grants the unprecedented ability to directly connect with influential entertainment professionals hunting for the next hit shows to deliver buzzworthy scripts for fast tracked production. Discussion forums provide community support and education helping hone skills. Upload your portfolio pieces after polishing them via peer feedback.

Writers Guild of America (WGA) – Join the Ultimate Union

While extremely competitive to enter, attaining revered WGA membership grants writers access to a host of invaluable resources including the WGA Registry housing signed writers exclusive database of vetted literary material circulated to WGA signatory production partners. Members can easily add their scripts for consideration by major studios and networks.

The Writer’s Guild Foundation runs a library of archived film/TV scripts for research and annually awards west and east region WriterAccess Scholarships allowing aspiring writers to take online courses helping them breakthrough into the industry. Attend chapter events establishing relationships that manifest careers.

NYC Midnight Screenwriting Challenges – Tight Deadlines Sharpen Skills

NYC Midnight runs quarterly screenwriting challenges assigning writers just 8 days to draft short film scripts based around specific genres, subjects and character assignments emailed at the start. Then scripts get evaluated in heats by industry judges. Though fast paced, these tests of creativity pressure writers to craft stellar shorts showcasing their quick adaptability skills crucial for professional screenwriting gigs where tight deadlines dominate.

Script Mail – Where Producers Request Genres

At Script Mail, TV and film producers themselves initiate requests visible to all site writer members seeking particular genres and script types needing to fill holes in their development pipelines. So rather than just pitching blindly, writers get to tailor submissions to exact current buyer needs. Site membership costs just $5 per month providing access to constantly updated listings posted by hungry buyers specify exactly what they want at any given moment.

I tried to provide a comprehensive overview of the top websites, contests and resources screenwriters can leverage to truly capitalize on their talents through selling work directly to entertainment industry buyers and facilitators. Please let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions!

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