How to earn money from Facebook in Pakistan 2024

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in Pakistan, with over 37 million monthly active users as of 2020. With such a large audience, Facebook presents valuable opportunities to earn money directly through the platform. This article outlines key ways people and businesses in Pakistan can leverage Facebook to make money.

Become a Facebook Affiliate and Promote Products

One of the easiest ways to use Facebook for revenue is by becoming an affiliate marketer. This allows you to earn commission by promoting and selling other brands’ products to your audience.

To get started, browse through Facebook’s Affiliate Center and pick brands and products relevant to your target demographic. Once approved, you will get affiliate links that will track your referrals.

Share these links across Facebook through strategies like native ads, Facebook shops, videos, posts or even by running contests and giveaways. This can effectively drive conversions while earning you handsome commission.

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Run High Converting Facebook Ads for earn money

Facebook’s extensive ad platform presents a major opportunity for marketers and content creators living in Pakistan. You can run all kinds of ads – including photo and video ads, carousel ads, collection ads and more.

Run High Converting Facebook Ads

Focus on creating highly targeted, optimized ads for services, products or content relevant to your niche. This converts visitors into high intent leads and customers. Moreover, you can even promote affiliate products or links and earn on cost-per-click or cost-per-conversion basis.

Earn Revenue through Facebook Gaming and Live Videos

The Facebook Gaming and Facebook Live features make it easy to reach huge audiences in real-time while getting paid.

You can live stream your gameplay and earn through various monetization features like Stars and Super Chat. Set up your gaming video page professionally with branding elements, schedules and highlights to attract sponsors.

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Additionally, host talk shows, Q&As, tutorials or product demo videos using Facebook Live. The key is driving high engagement and views – with popular creators earning between $300 to $3000 per month.

How to Make Money from Facebook Pages and Groups

Building an audience on Facebook via pages and groups can translate into earning opportunities:

  • Monetize engagement: Earn money when followers like, comment or share your content. Popular pages can make up to $500 a month through Facebook’s Audience Network.
  • Build an email list: Use lead generation tools to build an email list. Send newsletters, content and special offers to drive visits to money-making sites.
  • Display ads: Show low-maintenance static and display ads on your page or group. CPM rates run around $7-8.
  • Paid community: Develop premium paid groups focused around special interests like investing, gaming etc that users pay monthly fees to access.

Sell Services Directly

Facebook groups and marketplace allow you to advertise your services to a hyper-targeted customer base. Tailor services like freelance consulting, virtual assistance, tutoring, counseling and more to resolving people’s needs at mass scale while charging sustainable fees.

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You can even run ads with a direct call-to-action to purchase your services while using Facebook Pay to enable seamless transactions. This provides a scalable service income directly through the platform.


Implementing even a few of these top Facebook monetization strategies can become lucrative income channels. Focus on building authority and trust while delivering real value to Pakistani Facebook users. Maintain ethical practices as you earn money from Facebook in Pakistan.

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