Creating a Kraken Account

Kraken – A Secure Cryptocurrency Exchange

Kraken stands among the most prominent and reputable cryptocurrency exchanges, providing a robust venue for users across the globe to safely buy, sell and trade digital assets since 2011.

This comprehensive guide details key background, services offered, account creation, platform navigation, unique offerings, and special considerations when utilizing Kraken. Whether an aspiring cryptocurrency beginner or seasoned blockchain veteran, Kraken delivers a trusted gateway to access the expanding crypto economy.

Background on Kraken

Founded in 2011 by current CEO Jesse Powell, Kraken took shape offering initial Bitcoin trading and valuation pairs against the US dollar and euro. Early focus centered on advanced security protocols to keep exchange wallets and user accounts protected in a then unregulated, fledgling industry.

Over the ensuing decade, the platform grew to support additional digital assets as the broader cryptocurrency market expanded. Stringent compliance standards ensured smooth integration of fiat currency onboarding and offboarding channels.

Today, Kraken facilitates seamless spot trading with popular cryptocurrency pairs, regulated derivatives like futures contracts, staking mechanisms, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and more – all backed by industry-leading security practices.

Vital current details on Kraken:

  • Supports trading 50+ cryptocurrency spot trading pairs
  • Available futures and margin trading with up to 20x leverage
  • Robust customer support via email, chat, and extensive online self-help resources
  • Convenient fiat currency onboarding/offboarding
  • High account security with U2F, PGP email encryption, and Master Key credential configuration
  • Global accessibility with website/trade platform available in multiple languages
  • Commitment to law enforcement collaboration against nefarious crypto activities

With its tremendous growth from Bitcoin-only exchange to diverse digital asset access, Kraken cemented itself as influencer bringing cryptocurrency mainstream.

Is the Kraken Real?

Before diving into creating your own Kraken account, lets first examine the roots of this cryptically named exchange and brand. Spoiler alert – there are no actual giant squids involved!

The inspiration stems from the mythical sea creature known as the Kraken – a massive, tentacled beast with origins in Scandinavian folklore. Tales told of it attacking and destroying ships, personifying the power and unpredictability of the open ocean.

Kraken’s founder Jesse Powell channeled this imagery when conceptualizing the exchange’s brand and domain name. The Kraken moniker evoked themes of mystery, resilience, and respect that aligned with his vision for an exchange upholding stringent protections around user assets and data.

So while no literal giant squid Kraken exists or associates with the exchange, the mythical creature serves as the perfect encapsulation of the immense yet elusive cryptocurrency realm users interface with via the platform.

Creating a Kraken Account

With the figurative Kraken myth unpacked, let’s get started with literal creation of your own Kraken account. The process only takes a few minutes:

Creating a Kraken Account
  1. Navigate to Kraken’s homepage and click “Sign Up” button.
  2. Enter email address and password then agree to terms of service.
  3. Verify email address through confirmation link sent to inbox.
  4. Complete identity verification steps.
  5. Enable two-factor authentication for added account security.

With profile created, users should complete personal identification verification to lift initial account deposit and withdrawal limits. This “know your customer” (KYC) step protects platform integrity.

Several account security reminders when getting started:

  • Enable two-factor authentication using an authenticator app
  • Bookmark legitimate Kraken login page
  • Use unique password and change periodically
  • Save account recovery seed in safe location in case password is forgotten
  • Carefully review URL for any sign in attempt to avoid phishing links

Following prudent security practices shields your new Kraken account with multiple layers of defense, keeping assets protected behind their cutting-edge systems.

Kraken Login and Account Dashboard

When ready to access your newly created account, head to the Kraken login page and enter your credentials. Two-factor authentication completes the sign in process.

Kraken Login and Account Dashboard

Upon entering, you arrive at the main account dashboard providing a summary of account activity, open orders, balances across wallets, and quick access to funding options. Convenient navigation links on left sidebar present one-click access to key areas:

  • Trade – Spot and margin trading for 50+ coins and leveraged assets
  • Fund – Deposit/withdrawal channels for crypto and fiat
  • Stake – On-platform staking mechanism for supported proof of stake coins
  • NFT – Marketplace to buy, sell, mint rare NFTs
  • DOC – Account statements ready for export

When accessing account portal, upholding sound security practices remains vital:

  • Ensure browser connection shows “Secure” lock icon
  • Enter credentials carefully to avoid lockout from failed attempts
  • Maintain control of added account recovery options
  • Refrain from accessing through public computers or hotspots
  • Monitor account activity closely and report suspicious transactions

With account created, verified, and secured, users gain access to Kraken’s industry-leading venue to access and trade a diverse range of digital assets.

Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies

As one of the longest running exchanges in operation, Kraken carved a reputation for reliable cryptocurrency trading with institutional-grade security. Users consistently praise smooth onboarding, fast execution, and responsive support teams.

To buy crypto:

  1. From Dash > Trade, select “Buy Crypto”
  2. Input desired crypto and payment method (bank account, card).
  3. Preview order and complete purchase details.

To sell crypto:

  1. From Dash > Trade, select “Sell Crypto”
  2. Pick crypto asset and amount to liquidate.
  3. Preview order details and complete sale.
  4. Withdraw funds to bank account or US Dollar wallet.

Let’s explore few of the most traded crypto assets accessible on Kraken.

Bitcoin (BTC) on Kraken

As the flagship cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC) represents first gateway into blockchain, serving as an inflation-resistant digital store of value and investment vehicle.

  • Securely purchase Bitcoin (BTC) using wire transfer, e-transfer or Etana custody account
  • Zero fees on buy/sell with account balance deposit cover
  • Deep institutional liquidity ensures best quoted price & tight spread
  • Withdraw BTC to external wallet or vault for long term holding
  • Toggle between dedicated spot exchange & margin trading up to 5x leverage
  • Robust platform security and legal compliance providing peace of mind

Kraken enables seamless access to Bitcoin – ideal for traders seeking reliable performance during periods of peak volatility.

Ethereum (ETH) on Kraken

Ethereum represents the leading smart contract platform, serving as foundation for majority of decentralized apps and blockchain innovation.

  • Purchase Ethereum (ETH) using wire transfer, e-transfer or Etana custody account
  • Zero fees on buy/sell with account balance deposit cover
  • Deep institutional liquidity ensures best quoted price & tight spread
  • Withdraw ETH to external wallet for yield opportunities via DeFi protocols
  • Toggle between dedicated spot exchange and margin trading up to 5x leverage
  • Robust platform security and legal compliance providing peace of mind

Kraken provides reputable, tightly quoted spread and high liquidity – perfect recipe for active ETH traders.

Unique Kraken Offerings

While the ability to reliably buy and sell all major cryptocurrencies makes up the core exchange offering, Kraken incorporates advanced functionality catering to veteran traders and institutions.

Kraken Futures

For sophisticated traders, Kraken Futures provide ability to long or short cryptocurrencies with up to 50x leverage. Perpetual contracts with deep liquidity across BTC, ETH, XRP and EOS pairs give traders added ways to profit.

Kraken Margin Trading

Margin trading allows traders to open leveraged positions up to 5x their account balance. This caters to advanced strategy like shorts and derivatives to amplify profit potential.

Global Settings Lock (GSL)

GSL allows users to lock exchange account access to specific IP whitelist. This restricts changes to account setting or withdrawal addresses unless logged in from specified location/device. Useful protection against changes from compromised credentials.

Master Key (MK) Configuration

For heightened account security, users can configure master keys requiring multiple key shards held on independent devices to gain exchange account access. This ultrasecure configuration defending against compromised individual passwords or lost two-factor devices.

P2P Trading

Kraken provides users the ability to arrange direct crypto transactions with different payment methods between peers. Useful for those seeking non-traditional payment avenues to acquire crypto assets.

Staking Services

For supported proof of stake cryptocurrencies, Kraken enables users to earn rewards based on coins held securely on platform wallets. This hands-off functionality useful for growing portfolio over long term investment horizon.

Over-the-counter (OTC) Desk

For high net worth traders and institutions dealing in large block transactions, Kraken provides personalized over-the-counter trading services tailored to unique needs.

24/7 Multilingual Support

Kraken maintains around-the-clock customer support via online chat and help desk knowledge base in multiple languages. This caters to diverse global user base across jurisdictions.

Kraken Pro Mobile App

For on-the-go traders, Kraken Pro mobile app provides robust charting tools with order execution available natively on iOS and Android devices. Useful for seasoned traders needing real-time account access.

Special Considerations for Institutions

With its longstanding presence, advanced tools, and accounting reconciliation streamlining, Kraken appeals to crypto-curious institutional investors easing into blockchain.

Special business account services:

  • Dedicated account managers providing white-glove onboarding
  • Volume pricing discounts passed down to clients
  • Bank-grade account security protections
  • Suite of account reporting tools
  • Asset integration assistance
  • OTC Desk for large block trades

Kraken maintains proper legal compliance frameworks, financial disclosures, and master service agreements to facilitate integration for trust companies, banks, hedge funds, and asset managers pivoting client exposure into crypto.

For enterprises preparing to ride the rising digital asset wave, Kraken provides reputable starting point backed by proven resiliency.


From fledgling Bitcoin outlet to global one-stop gateway into broader crypto finance primed for institutional adoption – Kraken managed to consistently scale its robust spot exchange, derivatives offerings, security infrastructure, and compliance regimes across a decade of exponential industry growth.

While the mythical sea monster Kraken alludes to cryptosphere’s early volatility and opaqueness, the exchange bearing its namesake provides an evolving bridge welcoming both retail and institutional participants to explore digital assets with confidence.

By upholding rigorous security audits, legal compliance frameworks, technical stability, and customer support, Kraken cemented itself as one of the most respected and trusted players within cryptocurrency landscape – a venerable portal through which to access the promise of blockchain innovation.

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