Lucktastic- A Fun and Easy Way to Win Real Prizes Online

Lucktastic is a free app and website that offers users the chance to win real prizes like cash and gift cards just for playing games. With over 12 million downloads and thousands of verified reviews, Lucktastic has become one of the most popular real prize apps available.

How Does Lucktastic Work?

The basics of Lucktastic are simple – users earn virtual “Lucktastic Coins” by playing games like virtual scratch-off tickets, slot machines, and card games within the app. These Lucktastic Coins can then be used to reveal prize tokens, giving you the chance to win real rewards.

Prizes range from cash payouts like $1, $5, $10, and up to $1,500! Gift cards are also available for major retailers like Amazon, Target, and Walmart. The app also offers daily spin-and-win promotions, refer-a-friend bonuses, and other ways to earn free Coins.

According to Lucktastic, users have collectively won over $25 million in cash and prizes so far. Some key features that make winning possible include:

  • No Purchase Necessary – Buying Coins with real money is options, but free users can still earn tokens just from the daily spin bonus, watching video ads, referrals, and completing offers. This makes every player eligible to win real rewards.
  • Frequent Payouts – With prizes starting at just $1, users often report winning payouts multiple times per week. Larger prizes up to $1,500 are awarded daily.
  • Secure and Reliable – Lucktastic uses encryption, secure withdrawals, and physical prize fulfillment to ensure user data is protected and prizes are delivered reliably.

By combining casual gameplay with frequent cash prize drawings, Lucktastic offers a fun way to get rewarded. The fact that all players can win at any time, whether they pay or not, is a huge appeal.

Why Use Lucktastic? Main Benefits for Players

Lucktastic aims to provide entertainment and excitement along with the chance to win real rewards. For users looking for a new gaming app, here are some of the main benefits Lucktastic offers:

Why Use Lucktastic
  • Win Actual Cash Prizes – Unlike many other gaming apps where you can only win virtual coins, every prize in Lucktastic has monetary value that can be withdrawn. With steady luck, players can build up substantial winnings over time.
  • Prizes Delivered Instantly – Cash prizes are sent directly to your chosen payment method, while gift cards are delivered electronically, allowing instant access to your rewards.
  • No Cost to Play – While purchasing Coins can accelerate gameplay, any registered user can win prizes in Lucktastic at no cost. This creates real winning potential for all players.
  • Entertaining Games – Lucktastic offers a variety of fast-paced and entertaining games to earn Coins, including scratchers, slots, match-3 puzzles, and card games updated frequently.
  • Win Daily – The Daily Spin bonus provides everyone with a free chance to win each day. Drawing promotions also give active players more opportunities to win.
  • Refer and Earn – Getting friends involved can earn you free Coins. Lucktastic offers big incentives for getting others to join.

For those looking for a new way to win cash and prizes through gaming, Lucktastic is worth checking out thanks to its solid reputation and legitimate payout system.

Is Lucktastic Legit?

Anytime a gaming app offers cash payouts, questions naturally arise about its legitimacy. Here are answers to some key questions people ask about whether Lucktastic is legit and safe to use:

Is Lucktastic a scam?

No, Lucktastic has a legitimate business model and the app works as described. Lucktastic makes money through ad revenue and users who purchase Coins. The prizes come from the marketing budget. With over 12 million downloads, a 4-star rating, and frequent mentions of payouts across user reviews, there is no evidence of Lucktastic being a scam.

Can you really win money on Lucktastic?

Yes, Lucktastic enables users to win cash and gift card prizes. These payouts range from just $1 up to $1,500. Players report winning small prize consistently, even as non-paying users. Larger payouts are awarded daily. Your odds increase with more Coins played.

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Yes, Lucktastic operates legally within the US and Canada by functioning as a free sweepstakes platform. No paid purchase is required to enter drawings, so Lucktastic simply promotes itself as a gaming and entertainment app to attract players. US law permits apps to offer contests and drawings in this manner.

Do people actually get paid by Lucktastic?

All evidence points to Lucktastic paying out as described. The Google Play and iOS app stores have thousands of reviews mentioning being paid by Lucktastic. Payout methods include PayPal, gift cards, prepaid Visa cards and mailed checks. The app provides legitimate ways to withdraw winnings.

Is Lucktastic safe and secure?

Yes, Lucktastic employs standard security measures to keep user data safe and prevent fraud. Data transmission is encrypted. Account information is not shared. Withdrawals require providing tax info and verification. As a legitimate business, Lucktastic takes appropriate steps to ensure a secure experience.

While it’s wise to approach any unfamiliar gaming app with skepticism, Lucktastic backs up its reputation with tangible evidence that it provides a legitimate way to play games and get rewarded.

How to Get Started with Lucktastic

Ready to experience Lucktastic for yourself? Getting started is quick and easy:

How to Get Started with Lucktastic
  1. Download the App – Available for both iOS and Android devices, install Lucktastic for free from the app or Google Play stores.
  2. Create an Account – To play games and claim prizes, you’ll need to register with either an email address or Facebook account. Provide basic info like name and birthday.
  3. Complete Your Profile – To withdraw winnings, you’ll need to provide additional profile info, including a payment method and tax details. Add this info right away.
  4. Play Games to Earn Coins – Dive into Lucktastic’s selection of instant win games to start earning Coins, which unlock prize token opportunities.
  5. Use Free Coins First – Make sure to use any daily free Coins, hourly video bonuses, referrals, and other free Coins before buying more Coins.
  6. Claim Tokens to Win Prizes – As you earn enough Coins, you can unlock prize tokens and reveal if you’ve won cash, gift cards or other prizes.
  7. Withdraw Winnings – Cash out your prizes directly through the app whenever you have earned enough to withdraw. Enjoy your winnings!
Downlaod Lucktastic App

The great thing about Lucktastic is that the app is free to use, and winning some token prizes right away is common. Feel free to play at your own pace and enjoy the games. With frequent chances to win, the rewards can really add up over time.

Lucktastic Game Selection

Lucktastic offers a variety of instant win games to earn those valuable Coins. The selection includes:


Instant Scratch-Offs

  • Scratch digital scratcher cards by tapping to reveal symbols and numbers. Match enough to win Coin prizes or a token.


  • Spin the reels on video slot machines for a chance to hit jackpot Coin rewards and more token opportunities.

Match 3 Puzzles

  • Clear rows and columns in classic match-3 puzzles. Longer chains earn growing Coin payouts.


  • Play familiar Klondike solitaire. Earn Coins for each card you clear from the table.

Card Games

  • Lucktastic has its own blackjack, poker and bingo card games to enjoy.

Daily Spin

  • Spin a prize wheel every 24 hours for Coins, tokens and more. Landing on certain spaces doubles or triples your next Casino wins.

Bonus Games

  • Special seasonal and holiday games appear with unique ways to win.

This extensive variety of quick games keeps the gameplay fresh. You can shift between games anytime. With new options frequently added, there is always something new to try out.

For a free app, the diversity of games is quite impressive. Plus it just takes a few minutes of play at a time to reveal tokens, making Lucktastic easy to fit into spare moments in your day.

Tips and Strategies for Winning More on Lucktastic

All Lucktastic players have an equal random chance of winning real prizes. However, more active playtime will inevitably result in more prize reveals. Here are some tips to boost your winning potential:

  • Play Multiple Games – Trying out Lucktastic’s full lineup of games maximizes your Coin earning potential, as each game has its own profitable quirks.
  • Learn Optimal Plays – While winning Coins involves luck, you can learn the best moves for each game to increase payouts, like optimal Solitaire strategies.
  • Take Advantage of Daily Promos – Make sure to spin the Prize Wheel every day. Drawing promotions also offer bonus token opportunities.
  • Complete External Offers – Downloading advertised apps and completing other incentivized offers can earn you thousands of Coins quickly.
  • Watch Video Ads – Opting into video ads earns you 100 free Coins hourly. That adds up fast over time.
  • Invite Friends – Getting new players to join Lucktastic earns you referral rewards.
  • Buy Coins Strategically – While unnecessary, buying Coins when they are on sale can get you more gameplay and level up quicker.
  • Exchange Duplicate Tokens – Trading duplicate non-winner tokens for a random new token gives you more chances to win.

Consistency and persistence are key. Playing Lucktastic for short sessions daily provides more token reveals. Sticking with the app long-term maximizes your odds of hitting bigger prize tiers.

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How Much Can You Actually Win? Lucktastic Prize Payouts

The exciting part of Lucktastic comes down to what you stand to win. So what kinds of prizes and payouts can players realistically achieve?

  • Token Prizes – These are the most common prizes valued from $1 up to $100, including cash, gift cards, and entries to drawings. Even brand new players stand to win tokens frequently.
  • Daily $1,500 Winners – Lucktastic awards a top $1,500 prize every single day. Your odds increase the more you play each day. Even free users have a shot at the daily jackpot.
  • Limited-Edition Promo Prizes – Special promotions will offer exotic prizes like vacations, cars, and high-end electronics for token holders. But you have to play frequently to qualify.
  • Major Jackpot Drawings – For Lucktastic’s biggest advertised prizes like $10,000 cash or luxury cars, you’ll need to collect drawing entries from tokens and logins. But everyone earns free entries.

While Lucktastic advertises multimillion dollar prizes, the much more reasonable expectation is winning token payouts in the $1 to $100 range. With consistent play, players report winning token prizes multiple times per week.

The key takeaway is that while major jackpots are enticing, Lucktastic offers steady opportunities to win smaller amounts that add up. Focusing on these tangible payouts makes it more enjoyable. Of course, entering those big drawings is just a bonus!

Is Lucktastic Right for You?

If you’re looking for a new gaming app, consider these factors to decide if downloading Lucktastic seems promising:

ucktastic legal
  • You Want to Win Actual Cash Prizes – If you enjoy playing games more when real money is on the line, Lucktastic delivers this motivation. Even token amounts add up over time.
  • You Prefer Casual Games – Lucktastic has quick, easy games you can enjoy in short sessions. If you don’t want intense gameplay, these light games still provide prize potential.
  • You Like Frequent Small Wins – Hitting smaller prizes often creates excitement. Lucktastic’s token system provides steady micro-wins versus big jackpots.
  • You Want Multiple Games – With slots, scratch-offs, puzzles, and more, Lucktastic offers enough variety to stay entertaining.
  • You Like Simplicity – Any skill level can enjoy Lucktastic. If you want intuitive games without complex mechanics, these titles make winning accessible.
  • You Play Games Gently – Lucktastic isn’t the place for hardcore grinding. But playing consistently at a gentle pace can earn reasonable rewards over time.
  • You Like Personal Progress – Watching your Lucktastic level rise, topping high scores, and improved win rates provide personal goals beyond prizes.

Daily chances to win cash you can withdraw offers powerful motivation to open up Lucktastic and play regularly. Even if you just play for fun, the app provides plenty of entertainment value.

Of course, you can always just download and play for free to see if the experience resonates with you before investing more time. With nothing to lose, Lucktastic is absolutely worth checking out.

Getting Started Playing Lucktastic

Now that you know the ins and outs of how Lucktastic works, signing up and starting to play takes just minutes:

  1. Download – Get Lucktastic for free on iOS or Android. The app size is around 100MB.
  2. Create Account – Sign up with your email or Facebook. Enter any requested profile details.
  3. Explore Games – Browse Lucktastic’s full lineup of instant win games and try whichever appeals.
  4. Earn Coins – Play games regularly to start accumulating Coins, which let you reveal prize tokens.
  5. Check Bonuses – Don’t forget the daily spin, hourly videos, referrals, and other free Coins available.
  6. Level Up – As you earn Coins, your Lucktastic level rises, unlocking more games and features.
  7. Withdraw Winnings – Cash out directly from the app whenever you score a prize and have enough to withdraw.

Jumping into Lucktastic is fast and easy. In just minutes, you can be playing games and revealing your first tokens for a chance to win real cash prizes.

With zero downside to playing for free, Lucktastic is absolutely worth checking out if you enjoy casual gaming apps and want to potentially profit while being entertained.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lucktastic

Here are answers to some common questions players have when getting started with Lucktastic:

Does Lucktastic require internet access to play?

Yes, an internet connection is required to access Lucktastic games, features, and prizes. Games do not work offline.

What is the daily spin wheel and how does it work?

The spin wheel provides a free daily prize opportunity. Land on bonus spaces to double your next Casino wins or unlock extra tokens.

What’s the difference between Coins and Tokens in Lucktastic?

Coins are earned by playing games and can be redeemed to unlock token draws. Tokens reveal if you won a prize or not. Both are important!

What payment methods does Lucktastic offer?

You can withdraw cash winnings via Paypal, direct deposit, mailed check, and various gift card options.

How long does it take to receive your prizes?

Digital prizes like gift cards and PayPal cash are delivered instantly. Physical prize mailings take about 2 weeks in the US or slightly longer in Canada.

Can multiple people use the same device and account?

No, Lucktastic expressly prohibits using a single account across multiple devices and people. Each person should use their own separate account.

Is there a referral program?

Yes, you can earn Coins by getting friends to sign up using your referral code. Referral rewards continue to grow the more friends that join.

What happens if you win multiple prizes at once?

You can withdraw multiple prizes together, but Lucktastic limits cashouts to $250 per day and $600 per week. Larger amounts are sent over multiple days.

Can you play Lucktastic anonymously without sharing personal info?

No. To withdraw any winnings, you must provide complete name, address, SSN, and banking info. This is required legally.

Lucktastic makes winning prizes accessible to any player. Be sure to use free Coins first and know that larger payouts may take a bit longer to build up to. Play responsibly and have fun!


Lucktastic provides a unique opportunity to play entertaining games and possibly profit. With frequent token prize payouts and reliable cash withdraws, players consistently report getting paid. While major jackpots are rare, smaller rewards add up quickly. Thanks to no mandatory purchase, everyone has decent odds of winning. For those looking to make gameplay more rewarding, Lucktastic is an app definitely worth trying.

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