OneTrust The Leading Trust Intelligence Platform

OneTrust: The Leading Trust Intelligence Platform

OneTrust is a fast-growing technology company dedicated to helping organizations operationalize trust through their market-leading platform. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide an overview of OneTrust, summarize their key products and capabilities, discuss use cases across industries, and review what customers are saying.

Introduction to OneTrust

OneTrust was founded in 2016 by CEO Kabir Barday, with the mission of enabling organizations to transform how they build trust with customers, employees, and stakeholders. The idea was born from seeing shifts in what society expects from modern businesses – people increasingly make decisions based on company values and demonstrated commitment to topics like privacy, governance, ethics and corporate responsibility.

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, OneTrust has grown rapidly to become the widely used trust intelligence platform. They’ve topped the Inc. 500 list of the fastest-growing companies, being used by over 13,000 customers worldwide. Their remarkable growth underscores how business needs are changing, requiring trust and transparency like never before.

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Overview of the OneTrust Platform

The OneTrust platform aims to connect key functions – like privacy, GRC, ethics and ESG teams – with shared processes, data and insights so trust can be embedded everywhere. Their products and solutions include:

OneTrust Privacy Management Software

Helps organizations manage consumer and data subject rights requests, map data flows, automate disclosures and consent, comply with global regulations like CCPA and GDPR, and more. Centralizes global privacy operations with automation backed by an expert team.

Overview of the OneTrust Platform

OneTrust GRC

Offers a full-scope platform for governance, risk and compliance activities. Integrates risk management frameworks while managing regulations, audits, policies, assessments and incidents via connected workflows. Provides dashboards, reporting and analysis.

OneTrust Ethics

Launched in 2022, OneTrust Ethics helps companies uphold ethical standards and corporate responsibility commitments. Enables tracking issues and metrics, surveying stakeholders, disclosing ethics-related information and embedding practices through all operations.

OneTrust ESG

A product focused specifically on environmental, social and governance (ESG) programs. Companies can set targets, collect data, report on progress and benchmark against common ESG frameworks. Plus get help improving practices that impact sustainability.

OneTrust touts the ability to connect these domains in a centralized platform that breaks down data silos – structuring information, processes and insights for easy access by all groups that influence trust.

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Use Cases and Reviews

Use Cases and Reviews

OneTrust is used by companies worldwide across sectors like technology, healthcare, finance and retail. Use cases include:

  • Complying with complex, evolving regulations like GDPR while automating consumer rights requests.
  • Streamlining vendor risk management and GRC processes enterprise-wide.
  • Implementing ethics and compliance training, third-party due diligence, policy attestations.
  • Collecting and disclosing information on ESG or CSR initiatives to shareholders.
  • Gaining visibility into privacy and security risks before incidents happen.

The platform has over 13,000 reviews on third-party sites like Gartner Peer Insights, G2 and Capterra. Key themes in positive reviews praise OneTrust for its centralization and automation capabilities, depth despite frequent updates, excellent support, and continued innovation. Many describe time and resource savings from workflows, reporting and integrated functions versus pieced-together solutions. Those discussing improvements often cite pricing model changes, additional customizations or expanded higher-ed use cases.

By many measures like market share, growth and reviews – OneTrust leads the category for trust intelligence platforms. They offer capabilities that forward-looking businesses require and continue enhancing products at a rapid pace.

Conclusion and Next Steps

Trust is a crucial currency between companies and stakeholders today. OneTrust provides technology to ingrain ethical practices, responsibility and transparency across privacy, governance, compliance and ESG functions. Unifying these critical areas allows demonstrating commitments that customers, regulators, partners and employees now demand.

Those interested can [Request Demos] of specific solutions like OneTrust Privacy Management or GRC based on use cases and needs. OneTrust also offers free trials and guided product tours for hands-on evaluation. As modern expectations of business continue evolving, OneTrust aims to lead capabilities that match the trust imperatives of this era.

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