Play Free Online Games to Earn Real Cash Withdrawal

Play Free Online Games to Earn Real Cash Withdrawal

Earning money while playing fun games on your phone or computer sounds almost too good to be true. However, there are now more options than ever for people to play free online games to earn real cash that they can easily withdraw.

With some games offering cash prizes and others allowing you to earn points to redeem for gift cards or PayPal money, it has become quite lucrative. The key is finding legitimate games that actually payout.

Below we cover the top money earning games available without investment, how they work, tips to win real cash, and some of the pros and cons to be aware of.

How Do Free Online Games Pay You Money?

There are a few different ways free online money earning games generate profits and provide payouts to players:

  • Advertising Revenue – Companies pay game creators to show ads during gameplay. A share of these earnings are passed on to players.
  • In-App Purchases – Players can use real money to buy extra lives, items, coins. Game creators share this revenue with their most engaged users.
  • Data Collection – Sharing your data, including search history and other information, allows the developers to improve the apps. Players who opt-in earn a share of sale profits.
  • Competitions & Prizes – Some games offer cash prizes to top performers and contest winners. Better players stand to earn more.

Reputable publishers use one or more of the above methods to offer incentives and payouts to gamers in return for engaging more deeply with their titles.

Top Money Earning Games in 2023

The best options are free game apps that pay you real money winnings fast with PayPal or gift card redemption. Based on payout reliability and user reviews, here are the top free mobile and online games for earning real cash:

1. Mistplay

One of the most popular rewards apps on Android devices is Mistplay. This service offers points just for trying out new mobile games with cash out options.

How Mistplay Works:

  • Browse and try unfamiliar games from their recommendations
  • Their algorithm tracks your engagement and gameplay
  • You earn units for every minute played
  • Items can be redeemed for cash using gift cards or Visa prepaid card

With over 50,000 reviews and 4 stars on the Google Play Store, Mistplay is a stable option for earning between $5-$15 monthly playing games.

2. Lucktastic

Lucktastic is a free app offers daily scratch-off lottery cards for the chance to win instant cash prizes. They promote frequent wins up to $10,000 for all players.

How Lucktastic Works:

  • Receive a set of digital scratch cards every day
  • Scratch to match symbols and reveal dollar prizes
  • Instantly cash out via Paypal or gift cards
  • Earn tokens to unlock more chances at prizes

With an average rating between 4-5 stars on app stores, users report consistent winnings and payouts. Lucktastic also offers referral bonuses for getting friends to play.

3. Swagbucks LIVE Polls & Games

Known for its broad rewards program, Swagbucks also offers LIVE trivia game shows with cash prize payouts.

How Swagbucks LIVE Works:

  • Tune-in here for live game show events
  • Each show has varying participation methods and prizes
  • Winners receive instant PayPal deposits
  • SB points can be earned for gift cards too

As one of the largest rewards platforms online, Swagbucks has an established reputation for paying members who participate and engage with their partners.

4. Solitaire Cash

Solitaire remains one of the most popular classic games of all time. Solitaire Cash allows you to earn money while playing various versions.

How Solitaire Cash Works:

  • Get paid directly via PayPal for points scored
  • Earn tickets to play in tournaments for real cash prizes
  • Play multiplayer matches
  • Progress through level tiers

With quick withdrawals and competitive leaderboards, you stand to earn money from skilled solitaire play.

5. PrizePicks

PrizePicks operates as a fantasy sports app with options to select your own teams and players. Choose correctly and you can win big payouts.

How PrizePicks Works:

  • Build 2,3,4 or 5 player fantasy teams from available games
  • Predict if each will score higher or lower than set lines
  • Earn prize money for how many selections your team hits
  • Fast withdrawals paid by PayPal or gift cards

Combining knowledge of sports and skill at lineup building allows seasoned players to consistently earn cash.

6. Bananatic

Bananatic focuses specifically on providing rewards to members for trying new mobile games. Create your Bananatic profile and start earning units and redemption opportunities.

How Bananatic Works

  • Browse and install suggested games through the app
  • Launch new titles and reach minimum playing time – at least 2-3 minutes per game
  • For every new app you try, earn Bananatic coins
  • Accumulate coins to then cash out for various rewards, including gift cards

With new iOS and Android games frequently being added, you can easily stack up substantial coin earnings monthly.

7. Swagbucks App Download Bonuses

Earning with Swagbucks' Popular Daily Polls

Similar to Bananatic, Swagbucks offers cash signup bonuses when you download and test out new mobile apps through their service.

How Swagbucks App Bonuses Work

  • Check the Discover section for latest app download offers for iPhones/Android
  • Install a new app they have promoted
  • Earn SB bonus just for downloading (between 50-500 SB per app)
  • Occasionally also rewarded for achieving certain levels or missions
  • Cash out earnings via PayPal or variety of gift cards

Look for apps that offer at least 100 SB, usually around $1 cash value, to maximize your time.

8. InboxDollars Games

InboxDollars Games

A longtime rewards community, InboxDollars allows members to take paid surveys, watch promotional videos and play free games for cash.

How InboxDollars Games Work:

  • Navigate to ‘Games’ section on your account
  • Browser-based virtual slots and arcade games available
  • Earn by reaching certain milestones or scores
  • Cash out with check or prepaid card when you reach $30 minimum

With a trusted B rating from the BBB, InboxDollars delivers consistent payouts by check and prepaid card options.

9. Long Game Savings

Long Game Savings

The Long Game app promotes positive financial habits by rewarding you for saving money. Set up a FDIC insured savings account that pays interest plus cash prizes based on your account activity.

How Long Game Savings Work

  • Connect your bank account to start a Long Game savings account
  • Small weekly or monthly transfers added to balance
  • The more you save, the more slot machine spins to win instant cash prizes
  • Win bigger bonuses by avoiding withdrawals and saving consistently
  • Low balance waiver fees under $3

This secure app pays savers over $1 million per week with average IOS app store rating of 4.1 stars.

10. eBates

Known mostly as an online shopping rebate app, eBates also provides opportunities to earn cash back by playing games and interacting with brand offers on their app.

How eBates Games Work:

  • Check site daily for latest brand engagement offers on the feed
  • Try playing a game or participating in an advertised promotion
  • In some cases, providing your email or feedback earns bonuses
  • As you shop via eBates and redeem bonuses, your cash back earnings grow
  • Payments issued quarterly, with $5 minimum payout

For the many already shopping online through eBates for the high cashback percentages, their brand game offers provide another simple way to grow your balance each quarter.

The most lucrative options allow you to earn money playing games as your primary earning activity or alongside other rewards activities. Mistplay, Lucktastic, Swagbucks and Bananatic should provide consistent mobile earnings, while InboxDollars, Long Game and eBates work well for secondary browser-based cash.

Tips to Earn More Money Playing Games

The following tips can help you earn the most money possible from online games:

  • Compare Different Apps – Each platform has unique offerings in terms of game styles, prizes available, cash out options and payment speed. Evaluating several to rotate play increases opportunities.
  • Achieve Bonus Levels – Meeting redemption minimums faster accelerates payments. Many apps offer extra incentives at certain point milestones or for daily logins.
  • Take Advantage of Referrals – Referring friends to play earns additional sign-up bonuses from most game services. Spreading awareness boosts your balances.
  • Link Multiple Payment Accounts – Have at least 2 linked digital wallets or cards attached to maximize flexibility in cashing out earnings.
  • Enroll in Rewards Programs – Completing profile questions to detail your interests assists providers in targeting the most relevant, engaging game options that are more likely to pay well.
  • Avoid Overuse to Prevent Bans – While consistent play raises payout potential, be wary of playing too aggressively. Apps can blacklist members deemed to violate policy.

Utilizing these suggestions provides the opportunity to earn the most money from your gameplay across the top-rated real cash games.

Pros & Cons of Earning Money from Online Games

These emerging opportunities to play games for money certainly provide exciting possibilities. However, some drawbacks exist to consider as well.


  • Anyone can play – These games are open to all types of people. If you have a phone or computer you can start earning.
  • Entertaining way to earn – Games beat taking surveys or doing virtual assistant tasks for money. Winning cash while playing is appealing.
  • Rewarded for skills – Many tournaments and head-to-head games offer bigger payouts to better, more engaged players.
  • Quick PayPal withdrawals – Top platforms process payments within hours once minimums are reached. Much faster than waiting on physical checks.


  • Inconsistent monthly totals – Depending on the games promoted each month and your luck, earnings fluctuate often.
  • Phone compatibility issues – Playing games can drain batteries quicker. Not all apps work smoothly across low-end devices.
  • Potential addiction – Gambling-style apps encourage excessive play that may promote bad habits for certain personalities.

As with any side income source, moderation is encouraged. But the ongoing advancement of money earning games provides many redemption possibilities.

Final Thoughts on Games That Pay Real Money

Generating supplemental cash in your free time can certainly assist given today’s economy. What better way than enjoying fun virtual entertainment?

The crucial step lies in researching secure, reputable platforms that reliably pay users as advertised.

Evaluating payout history and recent reviews ensures you select mobile apps apt to deliver consistent winnings over time as you play online games to earn money. Combining a few core options that best match your interests leads more directly to satisfying extra income.

Now that more ways exist to collect gift cards, cash out to PayPal, or accumulate winnings through skill and luck-based play, hopefully you feel inspired to capitalize on this lucrative trend.

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