PrizePicks: Top Promos and Winning Strategy Tips

As sports betting grows in popularity across the US, a uniquely skilled-based alternative has emerged in PrizePicks. Rather than betting against a sportsbook, PrizePicks allows you to test your predictive abilities against other players for cash prizes. But what exactly is PrizePicks and how does it work? Read on for an overview of the PrizePicks platform, top current promos to use, and key strategy tips for building winning entries.

What is PrizePicks?

For those new to the platform, here is an introduction to PrizePicks and how it operates:

  • Player vs. Player Model – Rather than a sportsbook, you’re predicting against other PrizePicks users. The top scoring entries win prizes.
  • Legal in Most US States – PrizePicks operates legally because winning is based on skill, not chance like traditional betting.
  • Predict Player Stats – Choose 2-5 athletes to build entries predicting if their stats will be over or under set levels for upcoming games.
  • No Need to Follow Full Games – Just focus on your chosen players and their individual stats that day rather than full game results.
  • Prizes for Top Scores – The highest scoring entries based on correct picks win cash prizes. Even modest scores can cash.

With a totally unique format focused on skill, stats and prizes, PrizePicks provides a fresh way to put your sports knowledge to profitable use.

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How Do PrizePicks Entries and Scoring Work?

Building winning PrizePicks entries revolves around skillful stat predictions:

  • Select 2-5 Players – Each entry must choose between 2-5 athletes from available upcoming games. More choices increase potential score.
  • Predict Their Stats – For each player, predict if their stat will be over or under a set value PrizePicks provides. Multiple stats can be chosen per player.
  • Scoring Based on Correct Picks – Each correct prediction earns a set number of points: 2 points for 2 picks, up to 10 points for a perfect 5 for 5 entry.
  • Top Scores Win Prizes – Prize pools are determined by number of entries. Highest scoring entries cash out based on percentages.
  • Different Sport Options – Enter predictions for NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, golf, soccer, NASCAR, and more. Stats vary by sport.

The more correct picks, the higher your score. Even scores that seem low can cash prizes when you correctly pick hard to predict outlier stats.

Why Should You Join PrizePicks? Main Benefits

Join PrizePicks

PrizePicks provides a one-of-a-kind platform for sports fans in several ways:

  • Skills-Based Model – Win based on your own ability to pick stats, not odds stacked against you by a sportsbook.
  • Familiar Sports – Simply follow your favorite sports leagues closer rather than learning complicated rules.
  • Short-Term Engagement – No need to wait full games. Just focus on a few key players each day or week.
  • Instant Results – Cash out immediately when you score big based on just those players picked.
  • Small Commitment – With minimum entries around $1, you don’t need to risk large amounts to win.
  • Legally Accessible – PrizePicks operates in the majority of US states because winnings come from skill, not betting odds.

If you enjoy dissecting stats and predicting performance, PrizePicks lets you leverage those skills profitably against other knowledgeable sports fans.

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How Do You Get Started With PrizePicks? Quick Entry Walkthrough

You Get Started With PrizePicks

PrizePicks makes it simple to get started competing for cash prizes. Just follow these steps:

  1. Download the PrizePicks app or access the website to register for a new account.
  2. Make an initial deposit of funds into your account wallet – Minimum deposit is just $5.
  3. Browse upcoming games for available players and their projected stat lines. Conduct any research desired.
  4. Build an entry by selecting 2-5 players and predicting their stats by choosing over or under the listed value.
  5. Review each pick carefully before submitting your entry and paying the entry fee from your wallet balance.
  6. Monitor your entry stats as games unfold, with results official shortly after.
  7. Cash out instantly by withdrawing any winnings from your PrizePicks account.

With an intuitive mobile app, the platform makes submitting skill-based entries a breeze.

Understanding PrizePicks Sport Options

PrizePicks offers a wide range of sports leagues to research players from:

NBA and WNBA Basketball

  • Points scored
  • Rebounds
  • Assists
  • Blocks
  • 3 pointers
  • Steals

NFL Football

  • Passing yards
  • Receiving yards
  • Rushing yards
  • Receptions
  • Completions
  • Tackles

MLB Baseball

  • Hits
  • Strikeouts – Pitching
  • Home runs
  • Stolen bases
  • Runs scored

NHL Hockey

  • Goals
  • Assists
  • Saves
  • Shots on goal
  • Power play points

More Sports

  • Golf score
  • Soccer goals
  • Tennis service aces
  • NASCAR laps led
  • eSports fantasy points

Having multiple sports to choose from allows you to leverage your personal knowledge. Focus on leagues you follow closely to predict stats skillfully.

Using PrizePicks Promos and Bonuses

Using PrizePicks Promos and Bonuses

PrizePicks frequently offers promos and bonuses that provide extra value and help offset learning curves for new users.

Sign-up Bonus

  • Get a 100% deposit match up to $100 in bonus funds by using the promo code WELCOME when you join and make your first deposit. This doubles your bankroll.

Referral Bonus

  • Referring friends to sign up earns you bonus Prize Picks dollars for each that makes a deposit. The more friends that join, the higher your potential bonus up to $1,000.

Power Hour

  • Making correct picks during designated Power Hours doubles potential payouts for those entries. Watch for alert notifications.

Prize Boosts

  • Occasional randomly boosted prizes increase specific payouts by 150% or even 300% over normal. Check for boosted pools.

Entry Free Bets

  • Limited time offers may provide 1-2 free entries that don’t cost any money to submit. Essentially allowing free prize chances.

Leaderboard Contests

  • Top performers over given time frames earn bonuses from weekly and monthly leaderboard placements.

Taking advantage of these offers helps maximize the value you receive when first getting started. The refer a friend option makes quickly growing your bankroll possible.

How Do You Withdraw Winnings from PrizePicks?

Once you start scoring entries and building account winnings, here is how to access your cash:

  • Instant Digital Withdraw – prize money won immediately populates your PrizePicks account wallet balance. Request a withdraw to PayPal or another instant method.
  • Minimum Withdraw – You must have at least $20 in winnings before you can request a withdrawal from your account.
  • Withdrawal Review – PrizePicks reviews all withdrawals, which typically process in 1 business day if approved. Larger amounts may require additional verification.
  • Withdrawal Fee – A $1.50 fee is deducted from each withdrawal request, so keep that minimum in mind when cashing out.
  • Entry Cost Deducted – Any entry fees for withdrawn winnings are deducted when processing, so your net withdraw will be entry cost subtracted from prize won.
  • Limits – Maximum per time withdrawals are $2,000 while maximum per week sits at $3,000 as fraud prevention measures.

Cashing out is quick, easy, and secure. As long as you provide accurate info and banking details, you can expect reliable pay outs from PrizePicks when you win.

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5 Key Strategy Tips for Winning PrizePicks Entries

5 Key Strategy Tips for Winning PrizePicks Entries

Succeeding consistently at PrizePicks requires skills. Here are top strategy tips:

  • Focus on Favorable Matchups – Target players facing weak defenses allowing big stat lines or vulnerable pitchers allowing hits.
  • Factor in Injuries/Roster Changes – Injured or rested players see decreased production to account for.
  • Consider Streaks and Trends – Ride hot goal scorers. Fade pitchers in slumps allowing more hits and runs lately.
  • Study Motivations – Players on winning teams or competing for stat titles may push for standout production.
  • Research Weather Reports – Inclement conditions like wind, rain and snow depress scoring and production.

Staying on top of all the strategic factors that can influence a player’s projected stats for a given game or matchup is key to skillful predictions.

What is the Ideal Bankroll Size for PrizePicks?

As with any real money gaming, you should only deposit and play with a PrizePicks bankroll you can afford. Here are some bankroll tips:

  • Start Small – Consider a modest $20 deposit to get the hang of entering picks and scoring wins. Build slowly.
  • Scale Based on Experience – Once you feel experienced after days or weeks playing, then consider larger $50-$100 deposits.
  • Maximum Deposit – PrizePicks currently sets a $500 maximum deposit based on a 30 day rolling period as a prudent limitation.
  • Match Bonus Impacts – Make the most of deposit match bonuses by initially funding just up to the matched amount. This doubles your roll.
  • Never “Go Broke” – Avoid draining your account completely. Leave yourself a buffer so you can play through any losing streaks and rebuild.
  • Withdraw Frequently – Cash out winnings to your real bank often rather than letting account funds accumulate endlessly.

Controlling your PrizePicks bankroll is crucial. Many experts actually withdraw each time they double their initial deposit amount to keep cashing winnings consistently.

PrizePicks state

Yes, PrizePicks operates legally in most US states and clearly legitimately pays cash winnings based on skill predictions. Here are the facts:

  • Legal Analysis Confirms Model – Numerous law firms have assessed and approved the legality of the platform’s player vs player skill format.
  • Explicitly Legal in 25+ States Currently – PrizePicks is offered in states with confirmed legal clearance, with more being added regularly. See the website for an up to date list.
  • Pays Verified Winners – Numerous reviews, testimonials and media coverage provide proof PrizePicks reliably pays real cash winnings to verified accounts.
  • No Summary Tax Reporting – PrizePicks does not issue any summary tax forms for winnings. Taxes are solely the responsibility of players to report individually if applicable.
  • Strong Company Background – PrizePicks is operated by Catfish Solutions, founded in 2018 in Atlanta, GA with significant venture investment backing.
  • Responsive Customer Service – Support staff quickly resolve most issues for users, confirming the platforms commitment to players.

Legally certified real cash winnings set PrizePicks apart as a legitimate skilled gaming breakout. Just be sure to determine your own tax liabilities!

Is PrizePicks Right for You?

PrizePicks will appeal most to fans that enjoy:

  • Dissecting Game Matchups and Stats
  • Predicting Athlete Performance
  • NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, and Other Sports Leagues
  • Entering Fantasy Type Competitions
  • Testing Sports Knowledge for Prizes
  • Utilizing Skills Rather Than Pure Luck
  • Small Bankroll Contests
  • Short-Term Engagement

The unique legal status of the skill-based model also makes PrizePicks accessible and intriguing.

If tracking individual player projections and prop bets appeals to you more than betting full game outcomes, PrizePicks offers a rewarding alternative. The platform is absolutely worth exploring for avid sports stat fans.

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Getting Started with PrizePicks

Ready to start predicting? Just download the iOS or Android app or visit to begin:

  1. Browse upcoming games and projected stats for selectable players.
  2. Identify promising matchups to target your entries around.
  3. Select 2-5 athletes with stats you expect to over or under perform.
  4. Submit entry and make your first predictions – start small with $5-10.
  5. Monitor results and ask for feedback from the PrizePicks community.
  6. Cash out winnings to PayPal once you accumulate funds.
  7. Keep entering free contests and low stakes entries as you learn.
  8. Utilize promos and bonuses to extend your bankroll.

Before you know it, you’ll get the hang of stat projections and start cashing winning entries. Just stay sharp on roster and injury news along with team trends. Now put your skills to the test – a big payday could be waiting!

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