Solitaire Cash: Legit or Scam

Solitaire Cash: Legit or Scam?

Solitaire Cash has emerged as one of the top real money gaming apps that offers cash rewards for playing the classic solo card game. With over 10 million downloads reported, Solitaire Cash makes a compelling pitch: get paid to play a familiar favorite game. But does the app really pay users or is it just trying to profit from ads and data harvesting? Let’s investigate if Solitaire Cash legitimately pays cash winnings.

What Exactly is Solitaire Cash?

Exactly is Solitaire Cash

For those new to the app, here is an overview of what Solitaire Cash provides:

  • Popular Solitaire Gameplay – The app lets you play Klondike Solitaire completely free. Game modes include timed, untimed, and challenges.
  • Cash Rewards Promised – Solitaire Cash claims players can earn real money just from the game rounds and other app activities.
  • Various Solitaire Features – Stats tracking, leaderboards tournaments, and bonus multipliers provide motivation and competition around the solitaire gameplay.
  • Cashout Options – Winnings can supposedly be withdrawn via PayPal, gift cards, crypto, and other methods once minimums are met.
  • Free to Play, In-App Purchases Available – No upfront purchase is needed to play and earn, but buying tokens and power ups is offered to increase payouts.

This combination of familiar gameplay and the ability to profit just from playing solitaire makes for a very enticing pitch. But does the app really pay up?

Can You Actually Win Money with Solitaire Cash?

The core question around Solitaire Cash is whether cash payouts are real and reliable. Based on user reviews and reported experiences, here are the key facts:

  • Yes, Rewards are Legit – Many players confirm receiving payments in various amounts. These include both small earnings from gameplay plus jackpot wins.
  • Payout Methods Function – PayPal, gift cards, Visa cards, crypto, and mailed checks are used frequently to withdraw winnings successfully.
  • Winnings Require Verification – To cash out, you must provide full identity information, tax forms, and payment details. This ensures legitimate payouts.
  • Real Money Requires Patience – Building up significant winnings comparable to minimum wage takes consistent daily play over weeks and months. Small amounts come faster.
  • Jackpots are Real But Rare – Large jackpot wins of $10,000+ do happen but infrequently. Lower tier prizes are much more common.
  • In-App Purchases Not Required – Buying power ups is optional. Free users still report steady earnings over time through gameplay alone.

In summary, yes Solitaire Cash does provide legitimate direct payments in verifiable amounts to players. Anyone can earn without paying upfront. Patience and persistence maximize win rates.

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Who’s Behind Solitaire Cash?

Knowing who owns and operates an app claiming to pay cash is important for assessing legitimacy. Solitaire Cash is produced by Lucktastic, a major publisher of real money gaming apps.

  • Company Name: Lucktastic – The developer is registered as Lucktastic, with offices in New York City.
  • Founder: Daniel Starr – Lucktastic was founded in 2012 by CEO Daniel Starr. He helped pioneer app monetization through rewarded advertising.
  • Suite of Apps – Lucktastic operates numerous real money gaming apps including Solitaire Cash, Bingo Clash, Blackjack Frenzy, and more.
  • 12 Million+ Users – Across its apps, Lucktastic reports over 12 million global downloads and $25 million in payouts.
  • Legal Compliance – Lucktastic runs contests and drawings legally by offering free entry and conducting stringent identity verification.

The track record of Lucktastic and parent company Prodege in operating legitimate rewarded mobile gaming provides reassuring evidence that Solitaire Cash is not a scam operation.

How Do You Earn Money Playing Solitaire Cash?

How Do You Earn Money Playing Solitaire Cash

Simply playing solitaire on the app earns you tokens for revealing cash prizes. Here are the main earning methods:

  • Complete Solitaire Rounds – Finishing games in each mode earns tokens: timed, freeplay, and daily challenges with special rules.
  • Win Streaks – Longer unbroken win streaks result in bigger token rewards. Extending streaks is hugely lucrative.
  • Hourly Bonus – Returning hourly to play earns a token bonus. You also watch a video ad to double token earnings.
  • Leveling Rewards – As you complete more games, you level up for one-time token bonuses at each new tier unlocked.
  • Missions and Achievements – Completing periodic missions that set certain goals awards tokens, as do one-time achievements.
  • Referrals – Earning commissions from getting friends to download and play Solitaire Cash using your referral code.

With regular daily play, these systems combine to provide a steady income of tokens, which in turn unlock your chances to reveal cash prize tickets.

What Are the Key Game Features in Solitaire Cash?

Beyond basic solitaire gameplay, Solitaire Cash incorporates features and modes that make completing games more exciting:

  • Time Challenge – Race against the clock to complete single player games before time runs out. Time pressure tests skills.
  • Freeplay Mode – Take as long as you want on untimed games when you want to relax without pressure.
  • Daily Challenges – Special rules that change daily like using only one suit or making runs of 10+ cards pose new tests.
  • Powerups – Items like extra time, redraws, and wild cards can be activated for aid when the going gets tough.
  • Leaderboards – Compare your stats, win rates, earnings and more against other players. Rise to the top!
  • Multipliers – Occasional bonuses that double or triple your next earnings help boost token income.
  • Tournaments – Head-to-head 1v1 tournaments against other players provide big token prizes to the winner.

Combining familiar solitaire gameplay with modern mobile features gives players plenty of variety and incentive to keep completing games.

Solitaire Cash App Walkthrough

If you want to experience Solitaire Cash yourself, here is an overview of using the app:

  1. Download Solitaire Cash for free from the Google Play or iOS app stores. Available on phones and tablets.
  2. Create an account quickly with your email or Facebook login. Provide any personal details required.
  3. Choose from the main game modes of time challenge, freeplay and daily challenge.
  4. Play round after round, earning tokens for each game completed based on mode and performance.
  5. Spend earned tokens to reveal prizes on scratcher cards. Match symbols to win cash.
  6. Cash out directly through the app once you’ve earned enough money from reveals and gameplay.
  7. Withdraw winnings securely to your payment method of choice like PayPal, Visa, or gift cards.

Getting started takes seconds. Playing regularly improves cash earning rates. Withdrawals are straightforward once minimums are met.

Download Solitaire Cash APK

Tips and Strategies for Solitaire Cash Earnings

Tips and Strategies for Solitaire Cash Earnings

Mastering Solitaire Cash for maximum earnings takes some strategy:

  • Complete Your Profile – Provide all info accurately like tax ID so you can withdraw any big wins.
  • Play Multiple Modes – Mix up timed, freeplay, and challenges for variety and optimal token earnings.
  • Pay Attention to Missions – Noticing periodic special missions awards bonus tokens.
  • Learn Optimal Solitaire Strategy – Use tips and tutorials to improve your solitaire skills, leading to more round victories.
  • Buy Powerups Strategically – Occasional use of time stop and wild cards can extend promising games with big token payouts.
  • Watch for Bonuses – Don’t miss out on 2x earnings from hourly videos and other bonus opportunities.
  • Enter Tournaments – The big payouts from winning tournaments make them worth trying.
  • Share Your Referral Code – Recruiting friends nets nice commissions for each who plays.
  • Play Consistently – Building earnings requires playing a bit every single day for those recurring token payouts.

Patience and persistence are vital. Playing carefully but quickly optimizes your earnings rate. Avoid mistakes that lose promising games when token jackpots are nearing.

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Solitaire Cash Withdrawal Options

Solitaire Cash Withdrawal Options

Once you’ve accumulated winnings from reveals and gameplay, Solitaire Cash supports several cashout methods:

  • PayPal – Instant transfers to your connected PayPal account. Minimum $10 or 800,000 token reveals.
  • Physical Check – Paper checks mailed to your address. Minimum check amount is $100.
  • Visa Gift Cards – Digital Visa cards for easy spending. Minimum $25 card withdrawal.
  • Gift Cards – Popular brands like Amazon, Target, and Walmart. Most require at least $25 before redemption.
  • Cryptocurrency – Withdraw to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, or USD Coin starting at $50 value.
  • Rewarded Play – Convert earnings back into tokens instead of cashing out to keep playing.

With so many redemption options, you can choose based on your preferences and minimums. Just be sure to provide accurate account and tax information during registration.

Solitaire Cash Pros and Cons

Like any app claiming to pay cash for gameplay, Solitaire Cash has its positives and negatives:


  • Really does pay out verifiable cash rewards
  • No mandatory upfront purchases to earn
  • Simple and familiar solitaire gameplay
  • Stats tracking and competitive elements
  • Multiple modes add variety
  • Clear path to increased earnings


  • Significant winnings take patience over weeks/months
  • Requires providing personal information
  • Repeated gameplay can become tiresome
  • In-app purchases may feel necessary for faster earnings
  • Jackpot odds are still long despite regular plays

The legitimacy of payments makes Solitaire Cash worth trying. Just go in with reasonable expectations around effort and time required to build up significant win balances.

Is Solitaire Cash Right for You?

Solitaire Cash pays, but still may not appeal to everyone. Consider these factors:

  • You Love Solitaire – The core gameplay here is traditional Klondike solitaire. If you enjoy mastering the game, there’s incentive to play round after round.
  • You Want Simple Mobile Gaming – With easy mechanics and short round length, Solitaire Cash fits gaming in around life conveniently.
  • You Like Tracking Stats – Data tracking and competition hooks some players. But it’s optional.
  • You Prefer Relaxing Games – No timers or stress. Play leisurely during free moments without pressure.
  • You Have Patience – Real earnings come from diligent daily play over time more so than skill. If grinding isn’t for you, earnings seem slow.
  • You Like Periodic Rewards – Small cash reveal wins and mini-goals provide steady encouragement.

Give the free app a shot for yourself to see if the gameplay and earning model appeal. Just set proper expectations around effort and cashout rates.

Solitaire Cash Review Summary

After reviewing all the evidence and real user experiences, Solitaire Cash does successfully pay out cash winnings from playing solitaire. Slow and steady play sessions reliably accumulate tokens for revealing random prize ticket opportunities. Eventual big jackpot wins are possible but not guaranteed. For those who already enjoy solitaire, playing regularly provides a chance at profit on top of entertainment. Just approach payout expectations realistically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions players have about Solitaire Cash:

Does Solitaire Cash require internet?

Yes, you must have an internet connection while playing to enable in-app features and verify gameplay. Offline play is not possible.

Is my country supported?

Solitaire Cash currently operates in most regions globally. However, payout options vary. The US has the most withdrawal methods.

What happens if I win multiple prizes?

You can accumulate winnings until requesting a withdrawal. However there are daily ($250) and weekly ($600) limits on certain payout types.

Can I really win 4 and 5 figure jackpots?

Yes, Solitaire Cash confirms large jackpots wins. But odds are low. Most earnings come from smaller reveals. Focus on those for reliable income.

Do I have to pay money to earn on Solitaire Cash?

No, all users can earn tokens from gameplay alone. Optional purchases for power ups and bonuses simply accelerate earnings for those willing to spend.

What are tournaments and how do they work?

Tournaments pit your solitaire skills against a random opponent. The player with the highest score in a set time wins a big token prize.

Are my winnings taxable?

Yes, Solitaire Cash may issue a 1099 form if your total yearly earnings exceed $600. You must provide tax information to withdraw any significant amounts.

How long do cashouts take?

Digital payouts process instantly to minutes. Physical checks and gift cards can take 2-4 weeks for delivery after requesting payment.

Play Solitaire Cash for Real Cash Rewards

In the end, Solitaire Cash legitimately pays cash to players consistently over time. Just install the app for free and see how you like the experience.

With nothing to lose, it’s worth playing to determine if the gameplay and earning model fit your style. Just stick with it, and those cash reveals can really add up!

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