Top 10 Earning APPS in Pakistan 2024

Top 10 Earning APPS in Pakistan 2024

Pakistan has seen a surge in earning apps that provide opportunities to make money from home. From ride-sharing apps to freelance marketplaces, mobile apps are making incomes more accessible across Pakistan. Whether you want to work full-time or make some extra cash occasionally, download one of these top 10 earning apps popular in Pakistan in 2024.

Top 10 Earning APPS List

1. Careem

Careem is the leading ride-sharing app serving over 100 cities across Pakistan. Drivers can easily sign-up on the app to pick up passengers and earn fares for each ride. You can drive when it suits your schedule, with the flexibility to work any hours. Drivers praise Careem for facilitating consistent earnings and payment transfers.

The app offers various services including Careem GO, Careem BIKE, CarPro, and BOX – expanding income options for captains. Unique bonus schemes like the Captain Loyalty Programme allow drivers to earn points for rides that unlock monetary rewards.

2. Bykea

Growing rapidly since its launch in 2016, Bykea lets bike and rickshaw drivers manage bookings, track locations and receive payments via one app. It operates in over 25 Pakistani cities with the largest bike and rickshaw network in the country.

Drivers can easily sign-up and get started within minutes. The app’s easy-to-use interface shows heat maps highlighting high demand areas. Drivers get paid weekly with fast cash transfers to make earnings predictable. Additional incentives like medical insurance promote safety and growth opportunities.

3. Airlift

Airlift has quickly become Pakistan’s largest bus-sharing platform since starting operations in Lahore and Karachi. It aims to provide safe, affordable and convenient daily commutes through tech-enabled transportation.

The app allows private vehicle owners to register and complete seat bookings in their buses. Airlift provides the drivers, covers vehicle costs, manages bookings and payments – allowing owners to earn without operational hassles. Vehicle daily earnings typically range from PKR 5,000 to PKR 15,000.

They also prioritize transparency by disclosing commissions and pricing models upfront. The app offers flexible working hours and accessible financing options to buy mini-buses.

4. Cheetay

Cheetay serves as an on-demand logistics platform using a network of bike riders to provide pickup and delivery services across Pakistan. Signing-up takes just minutes after which orders get allocated based on your vehicle type and location.

The app enables customized availability settings so riders can choose working hours. Cheetay also facilitates early payments if riders want urgent access to earnings. Through innovative solutions like Cheetay Fresh, riders can access other verticals like grocery deliveries via one platform.

Top performing riders get awarded ‘Rider of the Week’ titles qualifying them for special prizes. Their Partners Support Program also provides medical coverage and maintenance assistance.

5. GharPar

Home service provider GharPar offers a wide range of professional services that users can book via the app. From home repairs to beauty and wellness – the platform trains and connects skilled workers to service requests across major Pakistani cities.

Service partners can sign-up with their expertise details and availability. Based on location and skill set, the app assigns booking orders and facilitates payment collection from clients. Partners also get access to free product shipments and support workshops to foster professional growth.

With growing demand and app penetration, GharPar opens earning avenues across versatile home service categories. Workers can showcase existing skills or learn new services based on customer preferences in their area.

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6. Clicky

Clicky presents a unique opportunity for individuals to earn by driving around the city. Their app uses your vehicle’s mounted device to capture images and identify brands logos across retail sites.

You get paid for every valid brand identification that helps build their image database. Earnings depend on the weekly mileage you drive through urban areas. By covering more locations, drivers can find and capture more logos consistently increasing their income.

The app also has tiered growth plans allowing earnings multipliers the more you drive. Along with weekly payouts to digital wallets, top performing drivers get surprise monetary and achievement awards.


One of the worlds pioneering online freelancing websites, enables flexible earning opportunities for skilled professionals in Pakistan. Individuals and agencies can showcase expertise across diverse categories like software development, writing, design, marketing, admin support etc.

Freelancers set project rates based on their niche experience. Complete secure payments and standardized contracts protect both client and service provider interests. Freelancers set their own hours suiting their schedule and pace of work.

The platform features a rating and skills assessment methodology that allows job providers to find the most relevant expert talent. Highly rated freelancers see increased demand allowing them to scale their per-customer and monthly earnings.

8. Tapmad

As Pakistan’s homegrown advertising platform, Tapmad allows website publishers and influencers to register, grow audiences and drive profits. You can monetize existing website traffic to earn from relevant ad placements through the full-stack publisher tool.

Content creators on social media and blogs can apply to join their influencer marketplace. If accepted, you gain access to local and international brand promotions campaigns offering attractive rates per post or content piece.

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With a selective data-driven approach to pick publishers and influencers, Tapmad unlocks vital revenue opportunities for those creating regular online content.

9. Shopify

The globally popular Shopify platform powers entrepreneurship and commerce for millions. Aspiring business owners in Pakistan can now easily set-up and run an ecommerce storefront. Sell products, accept orders, enable shipping, and manage customers using their mobile app.

Your online store syncs in real-time across devices through the app. Add products, process payments, track analytics and orders with just a few taps. As your orders and store traffic increases, Shopify facilitates scaling while you focus on reliable business growth.

Their guided set-up checklist and 24/7 support makes the selling experience seamless for first-timers. Customized subscription plans fit all business sizes allowing profits to be reinvested for maximum returns.

Through a user-friendly interface, the Shopify app opens doors for Pakistani entrepreneurs to build brands and earn incomes online.

10. Telenor Insure

Mobile connectivity leader Telenor Pakistan leverages their network infrastructure for innovative fintech solutions. Telenor Insure offers a micro insurance sales platform allowing customer acquisition agents to earn attractive commissions.

After easy registration, agents can activate their virtual insurance point to sell policies like health, accident, crop, livestock, travel and more. The more policies you sell, the more you earn through attractive incentives.

By digitizing insurance delivery, Telenor empowers individuals across Pakistan to render services and earn predictable commissions. Their award-winning mobile platform and expansive agent network drives inclusion for income and healthcare access.

As mobile users and internet penetration increases in Pakistan, earning apps are mainstreaming flexible and location-independent work. Drivers, freelancers, shop owners and enterprising individuals can select platforms aligning services to personal skills and interests. These top 10 earning apps highlight the potential for diligent individuals to drive earnings in a safe and transparent environment.

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