Metro Opinion Paid Surveys: How to Make Money with Legitimate Market Research

Taking online surveys in your spare time can be an easy way to make extra money. One popular survey site is MetroOpinion, which pays users to share their opinions on various products, services, political issues, and more. But is MetroOpinion a legit and worthwhile site for paid surveys?

This extensive guide will cover everything you need to know about signing up for MetroOpinion, taking surveys, earning rewards, and getting paid. We’ll also evaluate if MetroOpinion is real or fake when it comes to paying its members.

Overview of MetroOpinion and How It Works

Overview of MetroOpinion and How It Works

MetroOpinion is an online market research community owned and operated by Metro Scientific Services, a company that conducts surveys on behalf of various clients including major brands, universities, government agencies, and more.

They partner with these clients in need of consumer opinions and insights, providing survey participants and data in exchange for monetary compensation. A portion of this money is then paid out to MetroOpinion community members who complete the surveys.

MetroOpinion launched in 1999 and has conducted over 30 million online surveys since then. The platform sees over 3 million unique survey takers visiting each month. They boast over 6 million active community members across the globe, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and more.

The process of taking surveys and getting paid on MetroOpinion works like this:

  1. Users sign up for an account, providing some basic demographic info about themselves.
  2. They receive email invites and notifications for new surveys relevant to them. These can cover topics ranging from consumer products, political issues, health services, and much more.
  3. After completing a survey, they accrue points in their account reflecting the time spent and details provided. Each survey shows how many points it’s worth beforehand.
  4. Once reaching the 25,000 point threshold, users can redeem their points for various gift cards or request a PayPal cash payment instead.

So in essence, MetroOpinion enables companies to easily obtain consumer research and insights, while community members earn rewards for their participation. Next, we’ll analyze more details on whether the platform can be considered legit.

Is MetroOpinion Legit and Should You Sign Up?

Is MetroOpinion Legit and Should You Sign Up

Researching communities like MetroOpinion requires evaluating a few key factors to gauge if it’s worthwhile your time and energy. MetroOpinion checks out positively in areas like longevity, user feedback, and reward options.

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Long-running operation with 30+ Million Surveys Conducted

First, the community has been around for over 20 years since 1999. The sheer volume of user surveys completed exceeds 30 million and counting. These metrics indicate an established, legitimate market research operation. Many online scams or fake rewards sites tend to fizzle out rather quickly. So the lengthy history and scale of MetroOpinion’s operation is reassuring.

Moreover, Metro Scientific Services which owns the community is a fully registered American corporation, founded in 1986. This further backs the legitimacy of both the business and its market research community.

Overwhelmingly Positive Feedback from Members

Additionally, current and past reviews paint MetroOpinion very favorably. Consumer review sites like Trustpilot show 93% positive reviews out of over 1,400 submitted. Most reviews praise factors like the variety of surveys available, prompt email notifications when new options arrive, and reliability of reward payments. Customers also regularly cite friendly, responsive support from the MetroOpinion team as well when issues arise.

Members similarly offer positive feedback and experiences across community forums and discussions focusing on paid surveys. Many attest to regular earnings in the range of $25 to $75 monthly after consistent participation. Some longtime veterans can earn over $100 monthly with more surveys completed. Considering the simple passive nature of occasional survey-taking, this extra money can add up nicely.

Such positive reception among users spans many years of feedback as well. This better indicates a legitimate program compared to short-lived scams often exposed rather quickly online. Between the long-running operation and overwhelmingly satisfied members, MetroOpinion has gained significant credibility in the paid survey sphere.

Secure Rating and Reasonable Point Conversion for Rewards

General market research communities must also take measures to protect users’ personal information and survey responses given. MetroOpinion employs data encryption, anonymization of users’ submitted info, and email/SMS notifications any time account changes occur. They provide a private online member center as well to access past surveys and reward status.

The company also complies fully with market research industry ethics and privacy standards in its home country of the United States. Their privacy policy outlines the protection of users’ personal information and option to delete accounts at any time. Such security is expected from legitimate businesses compared to shady operators.

As for rewards, MetroOpinion uses a simple conversion of 25,000 points equaling roughly $25 in gift card or PayPal payouts. This 1 point = $0.001 rate is reasonable compared to notoriously lower amounts from scam survey sites. Reaching the 25,000 threshold does require consistent participation though, with most surveys ranging from 5,000-15,000 points.

Various gift card options exist for popular retailers too like Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, and more. You can also opt for bank direct deposits and PayPal instead of gift cards once hitting 25,000 points. Considering most surveys take 5 to 30 minutes, the per hour earning potential sits around $5 to $15+ depending on speed. This falls in line with competitor survey sites as well.

Step-by-Step Guide to Joining and Making Money with MetroOpinion

Convinced that MetroOpinion is worthwhile for making side money online? Signing up and participating only takes five steps to begin earning.

1. Create Your User Account with

First head to the MetroOpinion website and click “Join Now” to create your free account. Provide some basic personal details during registration like name, email address, location, gender, and date of birth. This allows matchmaking for surveys fitting your demographic profile later. Agreeing to their Terms of Service is required as well.

Double-check everything entered to have a fully activated account. You can also sign in with your existing Facebook or Google accounts to speed up registration. Just keep the attached email address current going forward.

2. Start Receiving Email Invites and Notifications for New Surveys

After confirming your email address linked to the account, begin receiving notifications of new surveys open for your participation. An introductory “New Member Survey” also helps calibrate options better suited for you specifically based on profile factors.

Expect the majority of communications from MetroOpinion to come via email inviting you to the member site for new surveys. But you can also manually log in and browse open options currently available to take. Downloading the MetroOpinion mobile app allows accessing surveys on the go as well.

3. Complete Various Surveys on Different Topics to Earn Points

Once logged into your account portal, browse the new surveys highlighted with how many points each is worth. They cover all types of subject matter ranging from consumer goods, brands, political issues, local services, health topics, and more. Each survey displays beforehand an estimated duration so you can gauge how long it may take.

The key is providing thoughtful, honest responses reflecting your real opinions and experiences where asked. You won’t get disqualified or rejected from surveys with MetroOpinion for specific responses given like some communities. Just avoid false or contradictory answers which may flag your account.

Surveys rewarding 5,000-15,000 points tend to take 10 to 30 minutes on average. But some short questionnaires provide 1,000 or so points in just a few minutes. Taking advantage of these quick and easy options helps points add up faster toward cash-out thresholds.

4. Redeem Your Points for Gift Cards or Cash Once Reaching 25,000

After each survey is completed, you’ll accrue the advertised points right in your online account dashboard. Track your current points balance and how much further till you hit the 25,000 redemption minimum.

Once reaching 25,000 points earned from surveys taken, select your desired reward option. Popular gift card choices include Amazon, Walmart, Target, Starbucks, various restaurants, and more. If preferring direct cash instead, request a PayPal deposit or mailed check payment. Expect to receive your chosen reward 7 to 10 business days after initiating the redemption process.

Then you can start working toward your next 25,000 points and cash out. Consistently participating in multiple quick surveys daily allows for hitting redemption thresholds weekly or even twice monthly.

5. Withdraw and Delete Your Account If Ever Deciding to Leave

Hopefully, an enjoyable community providing fruitful paid surveys for years to come. But users have full control to withdraw and close accounts anytime desired later on.

Visit the “My Profile” section and select to delete your account completely. You can still redeem any existing points balance beforehand. This permanently erases the account and any personal details from MetroOpinion’s systems following industry privacy rules.

That concludes the full process for joining MetroOpinion, taking a variety of surveys for points, earning gift cards or cash rewards, and account control.

MetroOpinion Review Summary: Worthwhile Community for Money from Surveys

In the end, MetroOpinion stands as one of the best options around for getting paid to complete online surveys, delivering on factors like:

  • Lengthy history – 20+ years operating since 1999, conducting over 30 million member surveys
  • Legitimate business – Owned by registered American corporation Metro Scientific Services, est. 1986
  • Overwhelmingly positive reputation – 93% favorability among 1,400+ reviews between Trustpilot, BBB, and forums
  • Secure platform – Employs data encryption for surveys completed, privacy controls on accounts
  • A decent variety of survey topics – Range from consumer preferences, brands, local services, politics, and more
  • Reasonable point system – 25,000 points valued at $25 for gift cards or cash rewards
  • Popular gift card choices – Amazon, Target, Starbucks, Walmart, restaurants, and many other options
  • Cash-out rewards – PayPal deposits or physical checks are available too
  • Full account deletion – Users can completely erase their account when desired

For those seeking legitimate paid survey sites actually rewarding participants, MetroOpinion delivers plenty of survey-taking opportunities. Expect average earnings from $25 to $75+ monthly depending on consistent involvement. Sign up completely free today and begin taking surveys conveniently in your downtime that pay.

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