Earn Money by Watching Videos - Top Free Apps to Get Paid in 2024

Earn Money by Watching Videos – Top Free Apps to Get Paid in 2024

Have you ever wondered if you can actually get paid real money just by watching videos online? With the rise of video streaming platforms and apps that value consumer attention, watching videos and earning money is now easier than ever. In this article, we will explore some of the best platforms and apps that allow you to earn cash rewards and gift cards just by watching fun videos, trailers, ads and more from the comfort of your mobile device or PC.

Why Apps Pay You to Watch Videos

The concept of getting paid to watch videos relies on businesses and marketers wanting to promote their products, services or causes on popular platforms. By rewarding viewers for their time and attention through monetary incentives, apps are able to engage more consumers, gather data around interests and buying behavior, and drive desired actions.

For users, getting paid to watch videos online presents an easy way to earn extra income passively in your free time without any monetary investment. The additional earnings can be used to supplement regular income, trade for gift cards, cash bonuses or redeem other rewards. Apps only require you to actively pay attention to the videos, engage with ads and content, and meet loyalty requirements to receive your payouts. Essentially, it converts your spare leisure time into productive side income!

Top 5 Apps and Platforms That Pay You to Watch Videos

Here is our list of highest paying and most popular apps that will really pay you cash to watch all kinds of videos including entertainment trailers, ad content, social media streams and more:

Earning with Swagbucks' Popular Daily Polls

Founded in 2008, Swagbucks is a web-based platform that gives its users free gift cards and cash bonuses for completing simple activities online like watching videos, taking surveys, playing games, shopping or browsing the web. With over 20 million active users and $500 million rewards distributed to date, it is one of the largest “get paid to” apps available.

Some money-making activities on Swagbucks centered around videos include:

  • Watch – Earn Swagbucks for watching videos, trailers, news clips and funny compilations. Just play a video and receive 1-3 Swagbucks depending on length and quality.
  • Loyalty – Earn bonuses when you meet daily video watching goals or milestones. You can make 70+ Swagbucks a weekday!
  • Live Stream – New live trivia game shows allow you to test your knowledge against others and earn cash prizes.

As you accumulate Swagbucks, you can redeem them for gift cards from popular retailers like Amazon and Walmart or get cash back via PayPal. The app is available to download for iOS and Android devices.

2. InboxDollars – Top for Cash Bonuses and Consistent Earnings

InboxDollars Review Is It a Legitimate Way to Make Money Online

Established in 2000 with an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau, InboxDollars is another rewarding web platform that pays its members to engage with videos, take surveys, play games and complete offers from thousands of brands. Some video activities to earn cash include:

  • Watch entertaining videos, movie trailers, news clips
  • Earn cash kickers with consistent video watching
  • Complete video channel offers by installing or signing up for streaming services

InboxDollars is touted as one of the most trustworthy apps that really pays cash rather than just gift cards or token points. Members have earned over $59 million in the last two decades! Cash bonus payments are issued conveniently via check or PayPal once you meet the $30 minimum threshold.

Download the InboxDollars app for iOS and Android to start earning your cash bonuses.

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3. Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel

Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel

You might recognize Nielsen as the company behind TV show ratings and audience measurement. However, beyond gathering insights into what people watch on television, Nielsen also operates a consumer panel and rewards platform focused on online activities including internet, mobile and video usage behavior.

By passively measuring your daily internet/app usage and video watching activity, you allow Nielsen to gather consumer analytics that inform strategic business decisions made by their corporate clients. In return, Nielsen shares a portion of this value with its panelists, allowing you to earn:

  • Cash rewards – Redeem points for online gift cards or Visa prepaid debit cards
  • Sweepstakes entries – Automatic daily entries to win electronics, gift cards and up to $10,000 cash
  • Donations – Convert points into charitable contributions

Panel registration is available on desktop and via iOS/Android apps with age, location and demographic requirements.

4. Survey Junkie – Best for Taking Surveys and Watching Videos

Survey Junkie Review

As the most popular online survey community with over 7 million members, Survey Junkie allows you to not only share your opinions by taking surveys but also watch videos to earn cash and gift cards.

Some ways to earn by watching videos include:

  • Test commercials, movie trailers and pilot episodes
  • Share opinions on entertainment content, products and features
  • Take quick polls during live streams

With reliable payouts via PayPal or gift cards and over $50 million earned by members to date, Survey Junkie offers a trusted platform to turn your insights and time into instant rewards.

5. Perksy – Get Paid for Quick Video Surveys About Brands

Perksy – Get Paid for Quick Video Surveys About Brands

Targeted at Gen Z and millennial consumers, Perksy is a mobile app that rewards users to “be their true selves” by answering fun video surveys, giving opinions on brands, testing new products, and checking out ads. Brands utilize Perksy’s community of 250,000+ hip young users to gain insights that shape marketing, products and messaging.

Some ways to make money watching brand videos and giving your input:

  • Watch and react to new commercials or product reveals
  • Give honest opinions to shape future campaigns
  • Show your personality and habits around spending, digital lifestyle, entertainment interests and more

Cash out your points whenever you want and get paid via PayPal. With average pay rates of $2-$7 per 5-10 minute video survey, Perksy is a social way to pick up extra money in your downtime. Download now for iOS and Android.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Earning from Video Apps

What types of videos do I need to watch to earn cash?

The videos you can watch for money span all genres – from movie trailers, news clips, funny compilations, product reviews, brand advertisements, app recommendations and influencer content. Each app may focus on specific types over others.

Do I need to watch the full videos?

Most apps require you to watch the full video and actively engage rather than just let them run in the background. Many confirm your attention by having you answer a short question after the video plays. Not fully watching means you may not receive credit.

How much money can I earn watching videos?

Income potential ranges widely by app from $5-$30+ per month. Top paying options like Nielsen panels can bring $50-$100 per year. Achieving higher rewards comes from consistency using multiple GPT apps daily over time.

When do I get paid by apps and platforms for my video activity?

Most apps issue monthly payments once you hit a minimum amount, usually $10-$30. Payment forms include PayPal transfers, online gift cards, Sweeps entries, cryptocurrency, charity options and more. Building up your balance just takes consistent participation.

Are these video watching apps and websites legit?

Yes, apps like Swagbucks, InboxDollars, Survey Junkie and Nielsen panels offer reliable rewards programs. Always read terms and reviews before signing up to understand payment timing, thresholds and redemption options fully.

Can I use multiple apps or sites to maximize earnings?

Absolutely! Combining video earning activities across 2-3 rewarding platforms allows you to compound earnings the most in your extra time. Just avoid overly repetitive tasks on the same site to prevent getting banned.

Let the Videos Roll and Cash Rewards Accumulate

Generating part-time income or gift card rewards simply by watching videos in your leisure time is now very achievable thanks to so many apps catering to consumer attention and feedback.

Do your research to find the right platforms for your viewing interests, convenience, earnings potential and payment preferences. Consistently engage with diverse video content, branded advertisements, app previews and entertainment trailers over time to let your cash bonuses or points add up.

Before you know it, you may be able to cover monthly bills, holiday shopping or a dream vacation just by watching entertaining videos! Sign up, watch fully, refer friends and optimize your activities across multiple rewarding apps for money making video success.

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