Sell Your Scripts & Get Discovered by Filmmakers on InkTip Screenwriting Platform

Sell Your Scripts & Get Discovered by Filmmakers on InkTip Screenwriting Platform

Screenwriting can be an arduous process that seems to lead nowhere, with writers slaving away on their laptops unsure if anyone will ever read their work. Yet there are avenues for getting your scripts seen by the right people in the industry who have the power to produce your work. InkTip in particular has proven to be an effective platform for writers to sell scripts and get discovered.

What is InkTip?

What is InkTip

InkTip is an online database used by producers, managers, and reps to find scripts and writers for film, TV, digital, and book projects. Their tagline says it all: “Screenwriters sell scripts. Producers find films.”

Since 2000, over 400 films have been produced and more than 3,200 scripts have been optioned through Ink Tip. These include films for Warner Bros, Paramount, NBC/Universal, The Weinstein Company, and many other major studios.

Some highlights of scripts discovered through Ink Tip:

  • The Call starring Halle Berry
  • Four Christmases with Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon
  • My Best Friend’s Girl with Dane Cook & Kate Hudson

This demonstrates Ink Tip’s track record of connecting writers with decision-makers who can get movies made.

Why Use InkTip to Sell Your Script?

InkTip provides access to a network of over 1,500 qualified producers, managers, and reps who are actively seeking scripts and writers to develop projects with. Some key advantages of listing your scripts on InkTip:

Direct Access to Decision Makers: Producers pay to access the database, so you know they’re serious about finding new projects. No need to pitch to middlemen readers and junior execs.

Get Your Scripts Seen: Listing is free and allows your scripts to be viewable in the database for active searches.

Track Script Views: You can see in real-time when your scripts are viewed and by whom, allowing you to actively make connections.

InkTip Magazine: Your scripts can be featured to highlight the concept and logline for buyers.

Sell More, Faster: The platform is designed for producers to easily browse through thousands of scripts, finding projects that fit their needs.

Success Stories: Numerous testimonials of sales through Ink Tip keep writer hopes alive during the slog of penning the next masterpiece.

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In short, if you write film and TV scripts with mainstream appeal, Ink Tip provides the best opportunity to connect with legitimate producers seeking quality material. They only work with reputable industry professionals, filtering out amateur buyers not serious about actually making movies.

This avoids writers wasting time taking general meetings that go nowhere, focusing time networking on parties who can truly greenlight a project. So shine up those screenplays and loglines, and start listing on Ink Tip!

How to List Your Scripts on Ink Tip

Getting started is easy and only takes a few steps:

  1. Create Your Free Profile

Visit Ink Tip and sign up for an account. This allows you to create your profile highlighting your scripts and yourself as a writer.

  1. Input Script Details

For each script, provide the vital details: title, logline, genre, budget range, etc. This info allows searches tailored to what producers are seeking.

  1. List Additional Projects

The more quality scripts listed, the better the chance of selling one if not landing an assignment gig.

  1. Refresh With New Material

Update profile regularly when completing new scripts or rewrite existing ones. Keep your projects visible and producers engaged.

Be sure to fill out your profile completely and accurately to best represent yourself. List any contest wins, productions, or industry connections to build authority and trust.

Follow these steps to maximize the likelihood of landing that first script option or assignment job through Ink Tip! Then you’ll be one of those smiling headshot authors featured in the Ink Tip Magazine success stories.

So what’s keeping you from listing with the internet’s #1 platform connecting screenwriters with serious buyers? Sharpen that killer logline and start selling today!

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